Kherson region

Kherson region is situated on the south of Ukraine in the Black Sea hollow, in steppe zone, on the down stream of the Dnepr river. It is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and also by Sivash (Foul sea) and Kachovka reservoir. 19 rivers run through the territory of the region. The biggest rivers are Dniper (178 km length), Ingulets (180 km length). The area is 28.5 thousand square kilometers. The population is about 1111,8 million persons, 61% urban population and 39% rural population. Khersonschyna borders with Zaporizhia in the east, with Mykolaiv region - in the north west, with Dnepropetrovsk region - in the north, with Autonomous Republic of Crimea - in the south. Through the territory of the region the frontier passes 458km length, including 350 km along the Black Sea and 108 km along the Sea of Azov. On the border there are 4 check- points: aviation, river port, sea ports of the Kherson and Skadovsk cities. Khersonschyna is one of the most beautiful regions of Ukraine, which has unique resources for tourism development,Tourist routs run through the territory of the unique biosphere preserves «Black Sea» and «Askania - Nova», by roads of «Chumatskii shliah» motor rally to the places of international festivals «Tavria games» and «Black Sea games». Black Sea biosphere preserve was created in 1927 to protect birds during migration, wintering and nesting, and also to save and to study typical places of the black sea steppes, which stay just on the small territories of the south of Ukraine. 25 November 1988 the preserve was transformed by UNESKO into biosphere and was included in International network of biosphere preserves.

Another unique biosphere preserve of Khersonschina, which was named after former founder Frederic Eduard Fal'c-Fein not so long, - «Askaniya- Nova» - deserved glory of pearl of steppe land. In July, 2009 biosphere preserve «Askaniya-Nova» went into the semifinal of the World competition «Seven new wonders of nature», and last year became one of winners of national action «7 natural wonders of Ukraine*. It is the only area in Europe of the fescue desert, which plough touched never. Primordial steppe occupies an area of 11054 hectares, where a few hundreds types of plants and animals live.

In the end of XIX century Kherson played an important role in development of internal and external economic connections of Russia.Through Kherson port the trade was carried on with France, Italy, Spain and other countries of Europe.


The region has powerful economic potential. It is an agricultural production, ship repair, shipbuilding and engineer, fuel and energy productions, glass production, woodworking, cellulose and paper, light, food and processing industries. Here they build ocean ships, produce combines, engaged in the vine making, grow a select wheat, fish and vegetables. The Eurasian transport corridor passes through the territory of the region. The sun Tavria land is generous and attractive for tourists. Ecologically clean recreational areas are annually visited by over a million tourists from the different regions of our state and world countries. These and other advantages create necessary conditions for considerable increase of investments in the economy of the region. Money of foreign investors from 39 countries of the world work in 214 enterprises of the region.

The industrial complex of the region consists of 193 large and middle enterprises where about 50 thousand of workers work (25% for region). An amount of enterprises on industries: food industry - 96, engineer, repair and editing of machines and equipment - 41, chemical and petrochemical industry - 12, light industry - 8, of the production of other non-metal mineral wares - 6, cellulose and paper and polygraph - 22, metallurgies and treatments of metal - 8.

Large value for the economy of the region has activity of the Kherson state factory «Palada» (production of floating docks for civil and naval fleets), «Kherson dockyard named after Kuybishev» Open joint-stock company (building, modernization and repair of ships), «Kakhovka factory of electric welding equipment® Open joint- stock company, «Yuzhenergomash» Ltd. (production of electric motors, generators, motors for coal, chemical industries and others), «Kherson car assembly factory «Anto-Rus» Ltd. (output of busses and passenger cars), «Kherson oil-processing factory» Close joint-stock company (production of oil-processing products).

567 enterprises of market type are created and operate in agrarian sector, including private and rent - 88, limited liability companies - 264, agricultural cooperative stores - 43, joint-stock companies - 69, other enterprises - 103. Khersonschina is transit region with the powerful ramified transport system, which consists of railway, marine, river, motor and aviation transport. Two international transport corridors lie through the Kherson territory: the first is the Black Sea economic cooperation (CHES) which forms transport streams of the Near East countries and Balkan peninsula in direction of Mariupol'and Novoazovsk, and the second is Euroasian transport stream from the countries of Europe through Black Sea ports to Crimea, Russia, Transcaucasia countries and to the East. Transport infrastructure is characterized by work of Kherson and Skadovsk marine trade ports with the freight ferry ferriage Zonguldak- Skadovsk, «Aeroport «Kherson» Ltd., where point of admission for an international air connection is open, and by the presence of the developed network of railway ways, which provides transport connection with more than 46 countries of the world.

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